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Между коллегами Лорой и Грейди завязывается интрижка во время командировки, но потом, они понимают, что лучше бы этого никогда не было

Переведено и озвучено: DeeAFilm Studio

Озвучили: Елена Лунина, Михаил Дипалом
Перевод: Юрий Аркалов

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Оригинальное название: Never Happened

“Never Happened” KEY CAST AND CREW:
Written and directed by Mark Slutsky
Mia Kirshner as Laura
Aaron Abrams as Grady
Anna Hopkins as Sharon
Director of Photography Brendan Steacy
Original score by Graham van Pelt
Edited by Matthew Hannam
Visual FX by Michael Winder

Mark Slutsky – Director Statement for “Never Happened” :
Never Happened is set in a world much like our own, just a little different. A world in which we can manipulate our thoughts, our lives, just a little more than we already can. The technology in the film is fictional, but in many ways, I think we have always applied the same principles to the way we view our lives, the way we selectively tell ourselves our own stories

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